Wire sawing in Williamstown, Melbourne

There are few limitations when wire sawing is involved, so talk to the team at Accelerated Concrete Sawing in Williamstown, Melbourne about the possibilities for your project.

The process of wire sawing involves using a series of pulleys to direct a diamond wire around the section of concrete or stone that is to be cut. The wire is then joined to create a loop and pulled tight. The wire cuts the material by being spun around the material via the pulleys, and gradually being pulled tighter as it tears through the material.

Wire sawing can be done around masses of concrete footings, 1 m thick walls and columns, or around plantroom plinths to cut them off flush.

When it comes to concrete cutting services, wire sawing is not a cheap option. Contact Accelerated Concrete Sawing and one of our management team will provide a quote and assessment to ensure wire sawing is the best option for the works.

Alternatively, we can also perform high-frequency hand sawing, ring sawing and core drilling and concrete scanning across Melbourne.

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