Stitch coring in Melbourne & Williamstown

Stitch coring, also called stitch drilling, involves the coring of a series of core holes in a line to achieve a cut. At Accelerated Concrete Sawing, we have the specialist expertise and equipment to handle stitch drilling in Williamstown and across Melbourne.

Stitch coring is often done through footings or piles, where there is not enough room for a large saw to cut through. It is also used for penetrations less than 350 mm x 350 mm that the hand saw and ring saw are unable to cut.

Stitch coring can be completed on materials beyond 2 m thick, and is the best method to cut through very thick materials when wire sawing is not an option.

Stitch drilling to avoid over cuts

When road sawing and hand sawing to cut through a structural slab, it is often a requirement that there are not cuts made into the material that is to remain. In these scenarios stitch drilling can be used to core the corners or cuts leading to an edge to ensure the slab is cut right through.

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