Melbourne road sawing services, based in Willamstown

Road sawing, also commonly known as floor sawing, is the most efficient way of cutting large amounts of horizontal concrete slabs, asphalt, and curb and channels. At Williamstown’s Accelerated Concrete Sawing, our road saws have the ability to cut down to depths of 400 mm.

At lesser depths, our experienced road sawing specialists can cut up to 500 lineal metres in an eight-hour day.

Road sawing is ideal for concrete cutting and removal of concrete driveways, footpaths, ground slabs and suspended slabs. However, road saws require a large amount of space to be operated correctly, so are not ideal for tight access jobs.

Our standard road saws are also diesel-powered, so should only be used in well-ventilated areas. If you have a road sawing project in a poorly ventilated area, don’t worry – the team at Accelerated Concrete Sawing also specialises in electric road sawing.

Electric road sawing

Electric road sawing can perform all the works of the diesel road saw, but without the harmful fumes. The only downfall is their need for 32 amp power, and unfortunately electric road saws aren’t quite as powerful and don’t cut as fast as the diesel road saw.

These saws are ideal for sawing large trenches inside existing buildings, as well as lift shaft and duct penetrations. Electric road saws are quite a large unit so require a decent amount of space to be operated correctly.

If you’re working in a smaller space, ask us about high-frequency hand sawing and ring sawing in Williamstown and Melbourne. We also offer concrete scanning services, so you can be sure of no nasty surprises during your road sawing project!

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