Ring sawing in Williamstown, Melbourne

The ring saw is the deepest-cutting hand-held unit widely available in the current market. This saw uses a series of rollers to spin a ring around a stationary blade, allowing the blade of the ring saw to not have a centre point. Ring sawing can achieve a cut depth of 275 mm.

At Accelerated Concrete Sawing, our ring saws can cut all the surfaces the hand saw can. Ring sawing is put to use when horizontal slabs or vertical walls are too thick for hand sawing.

The major negative for the ring saw is its running cost. Prior to ring sawing, surfaces are required to be cut with the hand saw to its full depth, then that cut is to be widened with a “pre-cut blade” on the hand saw, at which point the ring saw can be used to complete the cut.

The ring sawing process requires a large amount of operator time, and creates a large amount of wear on blades, saws, and guide rollers on the ring saw. Ring sawing also creates 2-stroke fumes, and so shouldn’t be used in poorly ventilated areas.

High-frequency ring sawing

High-frequency ring sawing can complete the same concrete cutting works as the hand saw and ring saw, but without the harmful fumes – making these saws ideal for poorly ventilated areas. However, this type of sawing comes at a greater cost than standard ring sawing. High-frequency ring saws run more expensive blades and are costly to purchase and maintain.

High-frequency ring saws can run off 15 amp and 20 amp power. Saws run at a lower speed on 15 amp power, so 20 amp power is the preferred option.

Ask the friendly experts at Accelerated Concrete Sawing about standard or high-frequency ring sawing across Williamstown and Melbourne. If ring sawing isn’t the best option for your project, we also specialise in stitch drilling, wall sawing and electric road sawing.

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