Williamstown hand sawing, servicing Melbourne

The hand saw, which is commonly referred to as a “demo saw” is the most commonly used saw in the Accelerated Concrete Sawing fleet. This saw has the ability to cut 150 mm deep and can be used to cut through horizontal concrete or asphalt, as well as vertical concrete or brick work.

Our Williamstown-based hand sawing services are mainly used for creating door openings and penetrations in vertical walls, as well as small penetration in slabs and tight access areas where our road saws are unable to venture.

Hand saws are ideal for all penetrations down to 350 mm x 350 mm in 150 mm thick surfaces. Any penetrations less than 350 mm wide will require stitch coring or core drilling.

The main disadvantage of hand sawing is it creates 2-stroke fumes, and so shouldn’t be used in poorly ventilated areas. At Accelerated Concrete Sawing, we can supply high-frequency hand saws for concrete cutting in poorly ventilated areas.

High-frequency hand sawing

High-frequency hand sawing can complete the same work as standard hand sawing, but with out the harmful fumes. Our high-frequency hand saws have the ability to run off 15 amp and 20 amp power, with 20 amp power being the preferred option as the saws run at a lower speed on 15 amp power.

High-frequency hand sawing is ideal for poorly ventilated areas, however this comes at a cost as these saws run more expensive blades and are expensive to purchase and maintain.

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