Williamstown core drilling, servicing Melbourne

At Accelerated Concrete Sawing we have the core holing equipment and expertise to achieve round holes from 18 mm all the way up to one metre in diameter, through depths of materials up to and beyond two metres. If you need core drilling in Williamstown or across Melbourne, call our team.

Core drilling is highly accurate, producing various sized holes for a range of applications.

Generally, 18 to 40 mm core drilling is completed for starter bars, dowel bars and chemical anchors when hammer drilling has failed due to the presence of steel. This range of core holing is also completed when holes for studs have to be in an exact location for a pre-fabricated hold down plate.

Core holes 40 mm and above are often used for services penetrations through a variety of materials – however there are endless reasons as to why core holes need to be completed.

Our operators have the ability to complete core holing on flat surfaces, walls, and inverted into the soffit of concrete slabs. Accelerate Concrete Sawing can provide core drilling on virtually any angle and to any depth, depending on the size of the core hole.

All Accelerated Concrete Sawing operators carry two core drills; a small drill for 18 mm to 125 mm core holes, and a larger drill for 125 to 250mm core holes. We also carry a range of bits, from 18 mm to 250 mm diameter cores. Anything larger or small needs to be requested prior to our arrival on site.

Please contact us to find out more about our core drilling services and advise us of any special requirements. We also offer concrete removal, high-frequency ring sawing and concrete scanning in Williamstown and Melbourne

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