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Accelerated Concrete Sawing was established to service the commercial and industrial construction and maintenance industries. We pride ourselves on being reliable and providing a quality concrete cutting service to our clients.

Our management team comes from a demolition and construction background and understands the frustrations involved with an unreliable trade and down time expenses that go hand in hand with this lack of reliability. Accelerated Concrete Sawing will always attend to works punctually and complete works in the safest and most efficient way possible.

Concrete cutting services in Williamstown, Melbourne

Accelerated Concrete Sawing has the following sawing capabilities:

All works are accompanied by demolition methodologies and Safe Work Method Statements as required, all of which is accredited by an Unlimited Demolition License that we possess.

Accelerated Concrete Sawing is proud to be the only sawing company in Melbourne that has an unlimited demolition license.

In addition to this we are able to provide support equipment for sawing works including water carts, generators, scaffolding, catch decks, lifting equipment, plant and equipment required for controlled demolition, disposal of waste and cartage.

Contact us if you need professional concrete cutting services across Melbourne. While Accelerated Concrete Sawing is based in Williamstown, we have completed scanning, drilling and concrete cutting projects across Melbourne and the surrounding areas.


SEO Friendly Title: Williamstown concrete cutting services, Melbourne

Accelerated Concrete Sawing is based in Williamstown and provides concrete cutting and sawing services across Melbourne. We’ve worked with a range of clients in the commercial and industrial construction and maintenance industries.

We have an Unlimited Demolition License and all concrete sawing works are accompanied by accredited Safe Work Method Statements and demolition methodologies.

Our experienced team are qualified to operate heavy-duty wire sawing and stitch coring machinery, as well as high-quality sawing and drilling equipment to handle:

Accelerated Concrete Sawing also has an extensive fleet to manage concrete removal works as part of a larger project.


SEO Friendly Title: Melbourne concrete cutting & sawing projects

With an Unlimited Demolition License, well-equipped fleet and experienced team, Accelerated Concrete Sawing has been contracted for cutting, sawing and concrete removal works for hospitals, hotels, shopping centres and other commercial and industrial projects.

We’ve worked in with a wide variety of clients across the Melbourne metropolitan area, including John Holland, Atelier Projects, Lend Lease, Grocon, Built, Pro Build, Cockram and more.

Previous projects include:

Equipment / Fleet

SEO Friendly Title: Concrete cutting fleet and equipment based in Williamstown, servicing Melbourne

Accelerated Concrete Sawing maintains well-serviced equipment to handle any scale concrete cutting, sawing and removal works across Melbourne, including:

We also have a dedicated fleet to provide easy and fast transport of concrete cutting equipment from our base in Williamstown to jobs across Melbourne, including:

Our operators and equipment

Each of our vans is equipped with a large amount of machinery to ensure that once we are on site we can complete the works we have been requested to do, and anything else that may arise. We understand that construction sites can be unpredictable, and time is money.

As well as all the hand tools and gear required to get your job marked out and cut straight the first time we’re on site, our vans carry the following equipment every day of the week:

On top of this, at the request of the client Accelerated Concrete Sawing can provide the following to help get the job done right the first time:


SEO Friendly Title: About concrete cutting & removal services in Williamstown, Melbourne

Accelerated Concrete Sawing has the fleet, equipment and experienced operators to deliver top-quality concrete cutting and removal services across Melbourne. While we are based in Williamstown, we have worked with industry leaders in commercial and industrial construction and maintenance to complete large-scale projects on time and within budget.

We possess an Unlimited Demolition License, giving us the unique ability to handle all aspects of a project, from core drilling and ring sawing to concrete scanning and disposal of materials. All work is accompanied by thorough sawing and demolition methodologies, as well as Safe Work Method Statements.

The Directors of Accelerated Concrete Sawing have many collective years of experience in the construction and demolition industry. Realising there is a position in the industry for a new, more professional approach to concrete sawing and coring, they decided to offer a more professional and helpful approach that focuses on:

Industry Memberships

Accelerated Concrete Sawing is a member of the following industry associations:

We are also registered with the following to ensure the best working environment for our employees:

Insurances and Compliances:

Accelerated Concrete Sawing carries the following licenses and insurances:


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Services: Road Sawing

SEO Friendly Title: Melbourne road sawing services, based in Willamstown

Road sawing, also commonly known as floor sawing, is the most efficient way of cutting large amounts of horizontal concrete slabs, asphalt, and curb and channels. At Williamstown’s Accelerated Concrete Sawing, our road saws have the ability to cut down to depths of 400 mm.

At lesser depths, our experienced road sawing specialists can cut up to 500 lineal metres in an eight-hour day.

Road sawing is ideal for concrete cutting and removal of concrete driveways, footpaths, ground slabs and suspended slabs. However, road saws require a large amount of space to be operated correctly, so are not ideal for tight access jobs.

Our standard road saws are also diesel-powered, so should only be used in well-ventilated areas. If you have a road sawing project in a poorly ventilated area, don’t worry – the team at Accelerated Concrete Sawing also specialises in electric road sawing.

Electric road sawing

Electric road sawing can perform all the works of the diesel road saw, but without the harmful fumes. The only downfall is their need for 32 amp power, and unfortunately electric road saws aren’t quite as powerful and don’t cut as fast as the diesel road saw.

These saws are ideal for sawing large trenches inside existing buildings, as well as lift shaft and duct penetrations. Electric road saws are quite a large unit so require a decent amount of space to be operated correctly.

If you’re working in a smaller space, ask us about high-frequency hand sawing and ring sawing in Williamstown and Melbourne. We also offer concrete scanning services, so you can be sure of no nasty surprises during your road sawing project!

Services: Hand Sawing

SEO Friendly Title: Williamstown hand sawing, servicing Melbourne

The hand saw, which is commonly referred to as a “demo saw” is the most commonly used saw in the Accelerated Concrete Sawing fleet. This saw has the ability to cut 150 mm deep and can be used to cut through horizontal concrete or asphalt, as well as vertical concrete or brick work.

Our Williamstown-based hand sawing services are mainly used for creating door openings and penetrations in vertical walls, as well as small penetration in slabs and tight access areas where our road saws are unable to venture.

Hand saws are ideal for all penetrations down to 350 mm x 350 mm in 150 mm thick surfaces. Any penetrations less than 350 mm wide will require stitch coring or core drilling.

The main disadvantage of hand sawing is it creates 2-stroke fumes, and so shouldn’t be used in poorly ventilated areas. At Accelerated Concrete Sawing, we can supply high-frequency hand saws for concrete cutting in poorly ventilated areas.

High-frequency hand sawing

High-frequency hand sawing can complete the same work as standard hand sawing, but with out the harmful fumes. Our high-frequency hand saws have the ability to run off 15 amp and 20 amp power, with 20 amp power being the preferred option as the saws run at a lower speed on 15 amp power.

High-frequency hand sawing is ideal for poorly ventilated areas, however this comes at a cost as these saws run more expensive blades and are expensive to purchase and maintain.

Contact Accelerated Concrete Sawing for more information about high-frequency hand sawing across Melbourne.

Services: Ring Sawing

SEO Friendly Title: Ring sawing in Williamstown, Melbourne

The ring saw is the deepest-cutting hand-held unit widely available in the current market. This saw uses a series of rollers to spin a ring around a stationary blade, allowing the blade of the ring saw to not have a centre point. Ring sawing can achieve a cut depth of 275 mm.

At Accelerated Concrete Sawing, our ring saws can cut all the surfaces the hand saw can. Ring sawing is put to use when horizontal slabs or vertical walls are too thick for hand sawing.

The major negative for the ring saw is its running cost. Prior to ring sawing, surfaces are required to be cut with the hand saw to its full depth, then that cut is to be widened with a “pre-cut blade” on the hand saw, at which point the ring saw can be used to complete the cut.

The ring sawing process requires a large amount of operator time, and creates a large amount of wear on blades, saws, and guide rollers on the ring saw. Ring sawing also creates 2-stroke fumes, and so shouldn’t be used in poorly ventilated areas.

High-frequency ring sawing

High-frequency ring sawing can complete the same concrete cutting works as the hand saw and ring saw, but without the harmful fumes – making these saws ideal for poorly ventilated areas. However, this type of sawing comes at a greater cost than standard ring sawing. High-frequency ring saws run more expensive blades and are costly to purchase and maintain.

High-frequency ring saws can run off 15 amp and 20 amp power. Saws run at a lower speed on 15 amp power, so 20 amp power is the preferred option.

Ask the friendly experts at Accelerated Concrete Sawing about standard or high-frequency ring sawing across Williamstown and Melbourne. If ring sawing isn’t the best option for your project, we also specialise in stitch drilling, wall sawing and electric road sawing.

Services: Core Drilling

SEO Friendly Title: Williamstown core drilling, servicing Melbourne

At Accelerated Concrete Sawing we have the core holing equipment and expertise to achieve round holes from 18 mm all the way up to one metre in diameter, through depths of materials up to and beyond two metres. If you need core drilling in Williamstown or across Melbourne, call our team.

Core drilling is highly accurate, producing various sized holes for a range of applications.

Generally, 18 to 40 mm core drilling is completed for starter bars, dowel bars and chemical anchors when hammer drilling has failed due to the presence of steel. This range of core holing is also completed when holes for studs have to be in an exact location for a pre-fabricated hold down plate.

Core holes 40 mm and above are often used for services penetrations through a variety of materials – however there are endless reasons as to why core holes need to be completed.

Our operators have the ability to complete core holing on flat surfaces, walls, and inverted into the soffit of concrete slabs. Accelerate Concrete Sawing can provide core drilling on virtually any angle and to any depth, depending on the size of the core hole.

All Accelerated Concrete Sawing operators carry two core drills; a small drill for 18 mm to 125 mm core holes, and a larger drill for 125 to 250mm core holes. We also carry a range of bits, from 18 mm to 250 mm diameter cores. Anything larger or small needs to be requested prior to our arrival on site.

Please contact us to find out more about our core drilling services and advise us of any special requirements. We also offer concrete removal, high-frequency ring sawing and concrete scanning in Williamstown and Melbourne

Services: Stitch Coring

SEO Friendly Title: Stitch coring in Melbourne & Williamstown

Stitch coring, also called stitch drilling, involves the coring of a series of core holes in a line to achieve a cut. At Accelerated Concrete Sawing, we have the specialist expertise and equipment to handle stitch drilling in Williamstown and across Melbourne.

Stitch coring is often done through footings or piles, where there is not enough room for a large saw to cut through. It is also used for penetrations less than 350 mm x 350 mm that the hand saw and ring saw are unable to cut.

Stitch coring can be completed on materials beyond 2 m thick, and is the best method to cut through very thick materials when wire sawing is not an option.

Stitch drilling to avoid over cuts

When road sawing and hand sawing to cut through a structural slab, it is often a requirement that there are not cuts made into the material that is to remain. In these scenarios stitch drilling can be used to core the corners or cuts leading to an edge to ensure the slab is cut right through.

Services: Concrete Scanning

SEO Friendly Title: Concrete scanning services in Williamstown, Melbourne

Scanning concrete slabs prior to cutting or coring is essential to ensure strength of the structure is not lost by cutting or damaging structural elements in the concrete. Concrete scanning is also the best way to locate potential services or assets that may be in the concrete.

At Accelerated Concrete Sawing, we specialise in concrete scanning services for projects in Williamstown and across Melbourne. Our scanning unit can scan slabs up to 400 mm thick and provide 3D images if requested.

Please contact us for more information. In addition to concrete scanning, we can also assist with concrete removal, core drilling, hand sawing and a wide range of other concrete cutting services.

Services: Wall Sawing

SEO Friendly Title: Melbourne wall sawing, based in Williamstown

Wall sawing is one of the more technical sawing techniques. It’s best to engage the professionals at Accelerated Concrete Sawing for wall sawing projects in Williamstown and across Melbourne.

Wall saws can provide a perfectly straight cut, at a depth of up to 700 mm. Wall sawing is the only option for obtaining a straight cut through a vertical wall more than 300 mm thick, and can be performed inverted if required.

Wall sawing is not a cheap option when it comes to concrete cutting. Works requiring wall sawing will be quoted by one of our management team and assessed to ensure this is the best option for the works.

Other concrete cutting services we offer at Accelerated Concrete Sawing include high-frequency ring sawing and hand sawing, as well as road sawing and stitch drilling.

Services: Wire Sawing

SEO Friendly Title: Wire sawing in Williamstown, Melbourne

There are few limitations when wire sawing is involved, so talk to the team at Accelerated Concrete Sawing in Williamstown, Melbourne about the possibilities for your project.

The process of wire sawing involves using a series of pulleys to direct a diamond wire around the section of concrete or stone that is to be cut. The wire is then joined to create a loop and pulled tight. The wire cuts the material by being spun around the material via the pulleys, and gradually being pulled tighter as it tears through the material.

Wire sawing can be done around masses of concrete footings, 1 m thick walls and columns, or around plantroom plinths to cut them off flush.

When it comes to concrete cutting services, wire sawing is not a cheap option. Contact Accelerated Concrete Sawing and one of our management team will provide a quote and assessment to ensure wire sawing is the best option for the works.

Alternatively, we can also perform high-frequency hand sawing, ring sawing and core drilling and concrete scanning across Melbourne.

Services: Cut & Removal Works

SEO Friendly Title: Concrete cutting services, Williamstown & Melbourne

Concrete removal works and cutting

Accelerated Concrete Sawing offers a concrete cutting and removal service for suspended slab penetrations, lift core extension, door openings in tilt panels and large commercial driveway removal.

We are able to provide excavators, skid steers, cranage, back propping, and concrete removal and disposal as required.

All concrete cutting and removal works are accompanied by SWMS and demolition methodologies signed off with our Unlimited Demolition License. Prior to cutting services, we can perform preliminary concrete scanning to maintain structural integrity.

At Accelerated Concrete Sawing, we can handle all your concrete cutting services across Williamstown and Melbourne, from core drilling to high-frequency hand sawing and ring sawing.


Concrete sawing at 55 Southbank Boulevard, Melbourne

Accelerated Concrete Sawing was engaged by a client to remove a 6-tonne concrete lid to a stair core to enable the addition of new office levels to a 6-storey building on Southbank Boulevard in Melbourne.

These works included:

All works were organised and coordinated on site by Accelerated Concrete Sawing personnel and operators to ensure they were completed safely and efficiently within the time parameters.

Due to the location of these works all sawing and coring works had to be performed over a series of weekends, to enable traffic management permits to be in place for cranage, and so local businesses in the area were not disrupted by the noise of the sawing works.

Accelerated Concrete Sawing often works out of hours to meet client’s requirements.

Hand sawing for Melbourne’s Chadstone Shopping Centre

Accelerated Concrete Sawing completed sawing works on a ProBuild site to enable the installation of new escalators in the latest renovation of the Chadstone Shopping Centre complex in Melbourne.

Works included the controlled demolition of existing suspended slabs to reconfigure area to take new escalators, and finished off with a detailed sawing of concrete beams to enable steel work to be installed to support new escalators. Sawing works included core drilling to avoid over cuts, hand sawing of concrete for removal, and flush cutting to clean up corners of slab to square.

Works were carried out over a number of nights. All elevated work platforms, back propping, exclusions zones, and removal of materials were coordinated by Accelerated Concrete Sawing to ensure the works were completed safely and efficiently.

Pullman Hotel façade and slab removal, Melbourne

Pullman Hotel façade removal

Accelerated Concrete Sawing worked in with Built to remove the existing concrete parapet façade from the Pullman Hotel in east Melbourne to enable a 15-storey extension of the hotel to be built over the existing building.

The works involved cutting off over 60 LM of concrete parapet wall in 4.3-tonne sections while it was suspended on the hook of 60-tonne crane situated in the loading bay below the works. Accelerated Concrete Sawing provided all methodologies and engineering for works, installation of protection scaffolding, handrailing, and removal of concrete from site.

Due to 300mm of concrete slab having to be removed along with the parapet, the sequencing of works included coring lifting holes, hand sawing parapet wall, attaching crane to parapet wall, and finally road sawing concrete slab behind section of parapet suspended by crane. All coordinated to ensure no operators were exposed to live edges during works.

Slab removal for new lift shaft

Accelerated Concrete Sawing worked in with Built to remove the existing concrete slab from the podium level of the existing building to enable a 15-storey extension of the hotel to be built over the existing building.

Sections of slabs were cut into 3-tonne blocks, and a “Monkey Fist” lifting device was used to lift all blocks from the podium level down to the loading bay for removal from site. The “Monkey Fist” is simply inserted into a 50mm core hole which it expands in to enable it to lift the concrete block. This reduces risk of injury to riggers as chains do not need to be fed in underneath concrete blocks and linked together above the back propping.

All back propping and engineering was coordinated by Accelerated Concrete Sawing, along with the sawing works. For this particular job, Built enabled the use of their Favco crane for the removal of the concrete blocks from the podium level.