Accelerated Concrete Sawing Projects

Concrete sawing, Melbourne's South Bank

Concrete sawing at 55 Southbank Boulevard, Melbourne

Accelerated Concrete Sawing was engaged by a client to remove a 6-tonne concrete lid to a stair core to enable the addition of new office levels to a 6-storey building on Southbank Boulevard in Melbourne. These works included: the installation of access and protection scaffolding to the existing stair core installation of engineered back propping... Read more
Hand Sawing at Melbourne's Chadstone Shopping Centre

Hand sawing for Melbourne’s Chadstone Shopping Centre

Accelerated Concrete Sawing completed sawing works on a ProBuild site to enable the installation of new escalators in the latest renovation of the Chadstone Shopping Centre complex in Melbourne. Works included the controlled demolition of existing suspended slabs to reconfigure area to take new escalators, and finished off with a detailed sawing of concrete beams... Read more
Melbourne's Pullman Hotel stair core concrete removal

Pullman Hotel façade and slab removal, Melbourne

Accelerated Concrete Sawing worked in with Built to remove the existing concrete parapet façade from the Pullman Hotel in east Melbourne to enable a 15-storey extension of the hotel to be built over the existing building. The works involved cutting off over 60 LM of concrete parapet wall in 4.3-tonne sections while it was suspended... Read more