Concrete sawing at 55 Southbank Boulevard, Melbourne

Accelerated Concrete Sawing was engaged by a client to remove a 6-tonne concrete lid to a stair core to enable the addition of new office levels to a 6-storey building on Southbank Boulevard in Melbourne.

These works included:

  • the installation of access and protection scaffolding to the existing stair core
  • installation of engineered back propping to the 6-tonne slab of concrete
  • sawing of concrete for removal
  • coordination of 100-tonne crane to remove slab from level 6 to the ground floor for disposal.

All works were organised and coordinated on site by Accelerated Concrete Sawing personnel and operators to ensure they were completed safely and efficiently within the time parameters.

Due to the location of these works all sawing and coring works had to be performed over a series of weekends, to enable traffic management permits to be in place for cranage, and so local businesses in the area were not disrupted by the noise of the sawing works.

Accelerated Concrete Sawing often works out of hours to meet client’s requirements.